Our image, appearance, clothes, the colors we wear, our pace, presence, charism, gestures, our way of behaving in society, the energy that drives us … Are real communication vectors in all human relationships.

These elements give clues to our interlocutors about our personality, authenticity and ability to be and do what we affirm. They sign us. It is the business card, the first, that we offer to our partners, collaborators, customers, prospects …

However, in companies, it is often observed that women leaders tend to suffer from a bad image. Worse, for more than half of the managers, (IMS Survey 2012) these women end up behaving like men, reinforcing the bad image they offer. The style of power for female leaders becomes a strict tailor, short hair, dark colors and above all nothing too original that might suggest the slightest frivolity … But to « masculinize » is not necessarily the solution. By dint of wanting to wear the mask, one loses also its identity, its forces, its qualities, its own character …

It is beneficial, on the contrary, to enhance your appearance, to reinforce the coherence between your own personality and the image you wish to give, to gain confidence and improve your professional charisma, professional credibility and a better fit with your work environment.

  • Dress according to your function, your interlocutors, the weather, the day of the week …
  • Identify your assets and the values ​​you want to convey
  • Use language colors and lines to gain credibility
  • Identify and improve non-verbal communication (personal style and gesture)

Concretely, how to translate this, when you are in front of your wardrobe?

I was still lost some weeks ago! Thankfully I met Conny Hermans, Image consultant who founded Censz Personal Styling in the Netherlands. She accompanies women who want to find their own style : the perfect colors, morphology, make-up, organizing wardrobes en personal shopping. Conny can help you with every aspect. She helped me a lot, couldn’t have done it myself.

Hello Conny! 

Image consultant

First of all, who are you? What is your background ?

My name is Conny Hermans, born in august 1965, married and 3 children, 1 of my own and 2 of my husband. I’ve been always been interested in fashion and make-up but it took me quite a while before I started this new business. Before I started Censz Personal styling I was in the army, had my own gym and slimming studio and worked in different office environments. During my work I did my education for make-up artist and image consultant. At my time at the office I became aware of my appearance and how people would react on me when I wore different clothing style. That’s when I started to realize that your clothes and style tell people who you are and if you are reliable and capable of the things you do. When they started a reorganization at my last job I decided to start my own business and teach women (and men) what they can do with their clothing and how I affects themselves but also your clients and customers.

Your customers: Who are they? What are their difficulties or needs?

My customers are ambitious men and women who are beware of the power of clothing but don’t know how to translate that to themselves. There are so many things to keep in mind for the perfect clothing style. To make your personality more visible so that it will work for you and not against you. They wanna feel more confidence, wanna be more visible at the work floor, taken more seriously and make the best first impression possible.

Your services: How can you help them and what are your offers?

I help people with image consults, that is 1 appointment in which we find your best colors and style. In which colors you will look at your best and which style suits you best and makes you feel balanced. When you have difficulties with you body we search for ways to camouflage or highlight them. Highlight your most pretty parts and camouflage the parts you’re not so happy with.

For women I also give them tips and tricks for the best make-up with the best natural make-up brand without nasties and will improve your skin instead of damaging it. At the end you know your best colors and which style suits you best. It gives you all the answers you need to create a perfect wardrobe for yourself. A wardrobe with only the best pieces and only things that are perfect for you. If you need help to organise your wardrobe I will help you too. In that case we need 2 appointments.

I also offer a personal shop session.  That will be a third session. If you don’t have time to shop or hate shopping then I can do it for you. There’s 2 options, I go pre-shopping and then you only have to come with me to 1 or 2 stores to match the clothes I picked for you. Or we shop together in you favorite stores and I help you pick the best options for you.

To go further: A board, an appointment, an event, a special offer?

If you feel inspired and also want to make the best first impression ever or want to make an appointment I’ll suggest a free inspiration talk first. Then we can talk things trough and I’ll explain exactly what I do and how I can help you.

In May (don’t know the exact date) I will organise a VIP-day for a group of 4 women in which they’ll discover the power of colors, dessins, accessories and styles.

On my website soon !