Women Leadership

6 to 9 months to develop a confident and effective leadership style for executive women

To support a specific leadership development for women: Evolution comes in a feminine version!  

International mobility is a real boost to executive careers, but women still experience constraints in reaching international leadership roles due to their spouse, their HR manager, or even self-sabotage; they only take 15% of international assignments.

You have had a wonderful first part career, successes and results, opportunities and even mentors who are willing to support you.

Despite that, you may hesitate and begin to think (or to say) that you are very satisfied with your job, that you are not interested in power, that you don’t want to move up the hierarchy, with the risk of sacrificing your family life. Moreover, you don’t feel legitimate asking your spouse to follow you and support you in a very demanding professional career.

But the idea keeps coming back, seductive, and you feel that you have the ability, the desire, the motivation, the energy, the curiosity for it! Come on! Have the courage to take the job and develop your leadership to fulfill your potential…

The program Evolution for Women is designed specifically for women executives who have a deep and real conviction of their legitimacy and their strengths: courage, efficiency, intuition, perseverance.

Through this program, women leaders acquire new insights, new behaviors, new beliefs, find time and space to invent their own leadership style:

  • Build leadership strength from your identity, expertise, and function
  • Accept femininity as an internal strength
  • Remove barriers: provocation, double constraint, or self-sabotage
  • Improve your image, posture, story, and networks
  • Learn how to be present, aligned, and flexible
  • Make use of your emotional intelligence
  • Work on the meaning and vision, set the goals, convince
  • Develop your political intelligence and your influence

With the program Evolution for Women, you have access to the entire regular Evolution program, plus some specific modules : 

  • Work on your personal posture and the leader aptitudes
  • Identify obstacles, auto-sabotage, and provocations and how to react
  • Manage your self image, develop your political intelligence and your networks
  • Work on purpose and vision to strengthen your feminine leadership

Some examples of client’s goals:

  • Land an attractive new position in the same group at the end of her  assignment (Marketing – Banking sector)
  • Overcome a turbulent period of difficult conflicts with her manager (Communication – Banking sector)
  • Clarify strengths, motivation and skills to apply for a new job (Executive Director – NGO)
  • Step back to succeed as the manager of former colleagues (Production director – Television industry)
  • Re-motivation, time management and setting new ambitious goals as an entrepreneur (Finance sector)
  • Succeed in a challenging position as a board member in a new company (Finance – Energy sector)

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