I work with expatriates, executives, managers and their partners

to help them tackle the challenges of professional transitions

all over the world

  • Master’s degree « Executive Management »  – ESCP-EAP
  • Coaching Training at International Mozaïk – Paris
  • Member of French Chambre de Commerce Netherlands
  • Board-Member of chapter BNI Seagull – The Hague

I comply with the ICF code of Ethics, as a certified coach member of the International Coach Federation.

Coach certifiée ACC ICF
  • I work in french with french-speaking expats all over the world, because working on motivations, feelings, beliefs and talents in your mother tongue increase confidence and efficiency of the sessions.
  • I work in english with expats from any country as it is a professional shared language across the globe.

You have the choice!

I long ago realized that, even if you cannot control your environment, you can decide how you will react and behave, and make choices for yourself. You definitely can make choices!

I did it all through my own life and career. When I was young, I decided to choose passion rather than security and I was lucky enough to always have meaningful positions. And I didn’t hesitate to move on when it was not meaningful to me anymore.

My clients are looking for that: clarify their desire, their passion, their needs, to be able to recognize (and create!) opportunities in their lives.

It is not easy at all. It takes courage, persistance, effort. But it’s a joy to get up every morning to do something we love, a job in which we feel good and right and comfortable… And I learned so much !

Team manager, project manager, senior manager…

During my first career as a television producer for 20 years in Paris with M6-Metropole Television & Les Télécréateurs, I set up multidisciplinary and multicultural teams, animated, motivated, organized with passion and often in a very short time these teams to achieve challenging projects. I learned the need for a clear plan and efficient organization, pragmatism and excellence, always based on strong human values and respect for individuals.

Leadership coach for expatriate executives

I was initially trained in coaching at one of the most rigorous coaching schools in Paris, International Mozaïk, and I have been working since 2009 with men and women, executives, top managers, from large international organizations or mid-sized companies to help them:

  • Succeed in a new position transition
  • Develop their leadership and management skills
  • Reduce stress and optimize time management
  • Find a good work–life balance
  • Manage crisis or conflict times

As an expat myself, I had left with ambitious goals, but I strongly experienced the cultural shock and the need to reinvent myself. During 3 years in Gabon, in partnership with AfriC’RH, I adjusted my coaching, training, team-building services for the new context and networks.

Involved and volunteer

I have been actively involved from the very beginning of my working life in supporting different groups:

  • Young entrepreneurs with the NGO Junior Achievement Gabon and the national incubator
  • Partners and spouses of expat agents with the French association AFCA-MAE (Foreign Affairs Ministry)
  • French job seekers with the association Avenir Emploi in The Hague

My clients say I’m dynamic, pragmatic, generous, and intuitive, able to support them humanely through difficult situations.

I am based now in The Hague in the Netherlands, and I work both in the Netherlands and in Paris, my beloved home city, more than ever passionate, beyond borders and cultures, inspired by new points of view, new solutions, new behaviors offered by international mobility.

You can expect: 

As a coach, I don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution, but I work with you step-by-step, throughout the necessary stages to find new behaviors and develop your potential.

As a trainer, I give you specific keys, tools, and tips to improve your know-how and your management and leadership skills.

I expect from you: 

You are responsible for your commitment and dedication

Do say what you think or feel; it may even be the only space where you can do it safely !  

You are autonomous and you organize your work to optimize the tools that are offered to you.

Want to know more ?

Benefit of a complementary session : 30′ by skype

« You rock ! »  😉  

Tu m’as été d’une grande aide face à un nouveau challenge professionnel et j’ai apprécié ton esprit de synthèse, ta capacité d’écoute et ta façon de me recentrer sur mes acquis en m’invitant à les valoriser.

Dans les situations de conflits que j’ai pu vivre, tu m’as permis de prendre du recul sur la situation et de l’analyser objectivement. J’ai ressenti qu’au-delà de la grille de lecture de « coach », tu as un approche fine de ce que la personne peut vivre.


Directrice des productions, Martinique

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