Take your intercultural intelligence to the next level!

Globalization changes the way we works, we now have to understand our customers, suppliers, clients, colleagues from all over the world. For that, we need the ability to decode cultural differences in order to communicate, build commitment, and work effectively with others.

  • You are a good professional, confident in your professional expertise.
  • You are open-minded, curious enough to discover your new environment.
  • You are intellectually prepared to what specificities and cultural differences you’re going to face.

Yet, around 40% of international assignment will fail, and 25% of expatriates will quit their company within two years after their repatriation.

Intercultural competences are the ability to communicate effectively and appropriately with people of other cultures:

  • Appropriately. Valued rules, norms, and expectations of the relationship are not violated significantly.
  • Effectively. Valued goals or rewards (relative to costs and alternatives) are accomplished.

In interactions with people from foreign cultures, a person who is interculturally competent understands the culture-specific concepts of perception, thinking, feeling, and acting. (Wikipedia)

You definitely have to assess and develop your intercultural competences if you want to succeed!

The Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC) is one of the leading tools for assessing intercultural competences on four vital intercultural competences:

Intercultural Sensitivity

  • How actively are you interested in other people, their cultural backgrounds, needs and perspectives?
  • How much do you notice when interacting with people from other cultures?

Intercultural Communication

  • How mindful are you when communicating with others?
  • How effectively do you adjust your style to meet their expectations and needs?

Building Commitment

  • How much do you invest into developing relationships and diverse networks?
  • How creative are you in developing solutions that satisfy the interests of different stakeholders?

Managing Uncertainty

  • How well do you deal with the complexities of greater cultural diversity?
  • How effectively do you use cultural diversity as a source of learning and innovation?

The IRC will support you in building the competences you need to bridge cultural differences.

Discover your road to effective intercultural interaction! The IRC is accessible online, is available is 8 languages and takes only 20 minutes to complete. After that, you’ll receive your feedback in a 2 hours online session and you’ll have you practical and personal development plan to succeed you next expatriation.

Wanting to assess your intercultural competencies? Contact me!

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