Be prepared for expatriation AND repatriation!

Why is it important to prepare?

Are you preparing to be assigned abroad, and convinced that this expatriation will be the opportunity for a tremendous cultural opening? Your first challenge is to adapt well to your new environment. Even if you have already lived abroad, each new expatriation is a discovery and the cultural shock is always greater than we imagine at the outset.

Intercultural competences are not innate, and we must first become aware of our own values, benchmarks and norms in order to face and anticipate the stages of cultural shock.

And the return may be even more sensitive! Repatriation is often identified as the most difficult step by expatriates!

Your need to:

  • Evaluate the professional, personal and family challenges of expatriation
  • Anticipate cultural shock or reverse cultural shock (!) And understand your spouse’s special difficulties
  • Understand the impact of cultural differences and how you have evolved yourself
  • Take advantage of the specificities of your journey to integrate your new position (on departure or return!)

Your project of expatriation becomes a global project: professional, but also personal and familial.

This program is available to preparation for both departure and return.

How you benefit:

  • A good clarification of your values, your own functioning, and ways to adapt them in your new environment.
  • Tools to organize and anticipate the transition
  • Understanding cultural shock (or reversed!) to pass the steps serenely
  • The assessment of your skills acquired in expatriation and transferable for your new position
  • Clarifying your issues and those of your spouse to make expatriation a shared project and find the right professional-personal balance


With this formula, you have

 3 to 6 individual coaching sessions online   to clarify your professional and personal project, check your talents, values, motivations and highlight the issues and challenges of your assignment or your repatriation

⇰ Assessments and personality tests to know yourself better, your strengths and pitfalls

⇰ Trainings modules online, videos, documents and exercices at each step

⇰ Practical tools and tips, planning and check-lists to prepare easily your departure and your repatriation 

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