Are you at a key stage in your career?

Grow, thrive and achieve your unique goals!

Flexible and scalable Expatriate Executive Programs 100% online to be compatible with your professional commitments


You want to clarify your strengths and your options and give a boost to your career while in expatriation? 

I help you with a step-by-step program, whether you want a new job or to start your own business 


You have a new job, new responsibilities, new team, an international assignment? 

An ambitious and challenging transition in your career 

Choose an intensive coaching program to stay focused on the job from your very first weeks 


You want to develop your leadership abilities and heighten your impact, improve collaboration in your teams, consider the big picture by taking a more strategic view?

I offer a premium program that includes ongoing personalized coaching! 

Improvement – Transition – Development Coaching:

      • New job, new responsibilities, work, organization
      • Management and communication skills development
      • Leadership development and Women’s Leadership
      • International assignment, intercultural skills
      • Time, stress and conflict management

Training and Coaching programs for 3 / 6 months (or ongoing) :

  • Frequent individual online coaching sessions
  • Member access to a training website
  • Assessments, tests and profile to know yourself better

Contact me for in-company interventions

Seminars, Conferences, Workshops

Team Building, Team coaching, Co-development

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