In-Company Coaching

Support your employees to stay focused during the turbulence of expatriation!

Optimize the adjustment of your expatriate employees

Expatriate assignments of employees can be quite challenging for companies too. Good candidates are difficult to find, their reasons for leaving are not always clear, and their preparation is often merely technical and logistical… More than 40% of expatriate assignments fail because the expatriate employee or family has difficulties in adjusting. The expatriation is not prepared carefully enough and lacks operational support. However, the cost of an early repatriation is significant for a company, with an additional cost ranging from 6 to 12 months’ salary! Not to mention the employee’s loss of confidence and efficiency, a decrease in team productivity, the risks to quality and to customer relationships… Coaching helps to overcome fears, to identify skills and adapt attitudes, to prepare for the return by anticipating the « reverse culture shock. » Returning home can be complicated too: readjustment is not so automatic and, most importantly, new skills developed during the international assignment are not sufficiently valued. Thus, we observe a step backward and a loss of talents that your company invested in gaining.

What return on investment can you expect when you offer an expatriate coaching?

Thanks to a comprehensive approach – training + coaching – my clients:

  • Adapt more quickly, professionally and personally, and are able to anticipate culture shock
  • Take appropriate leadership
  • Manage their team(s) efficiently to develop cohesion and avoid passive resistance
  • Reinforce their leadership among colleagues and hierarchy
  • Optimize their organization and time management to reduce stress and be more efficient
  • Remain in tune with their values and reinforce integrity, trust, and legitimacy
  • Learn to communicate efficiently in their new environment
  • Benefit from a pragmatic listening partner in order to cope with difficulties, crises, conflicts, sensitive situations
  • Are able to assess their expatriate experience in order to better prepare for their future

All 3 formulas, Impulse, Transition, and Evolution are suitable for companies and start and end with a joint meeting between the coach, the manager, and the line manager or HR in order to identify overall objectives, expected results, and assess the coaching.

By offering coaching to your expatriate executives and managers, you commit to a successful expatriate assignment, strengthen the link between headquarters and the expatriate posting, and anticipate future objectives to the benefit of your employees and your company.

Isabelle is a real professionnal : She knows what she talks about, was very capable to listen to the needs we had and answer them with appropriate solution. We had excellent discussion on the diagnostics, and she was later really able to provide us with specific trainings which were greatly appreciated by both us as managers and the trainees themselves. She is energetic : Not only she knows the content of HR, but she has also her own self energy that makes things moving fast and nicely.  She is focused : after the training, she called us later on to reset contact and discuss with us how we could keep on developing our manager’s skill, keeping well in mind the discussions and vision we previously shared.  As a person, she is intelligent and sharp, with positive mindset. Eric Chatard

Directeur général Afrique Centrale, AIR FRANCE KLM

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