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Whether you are local or expatriate in a large company, contractor or “following” partner, international mobility and career transitions are challenges of every day that allow great surprises but require real skills : adaptability, agility, resilience …

These are also great opportunities to step back on himself, out of his comfort zone to explore his desires, talents, values and (re) define personal goals and ambitious professionals.

Every two weeks, you will receive articles, news, tips, tools related to:

  • international mobility and expatriation
  • the inauguration and with high stakes transitions
  • leadership and female leadership
  • in multicultural team communication
  • in public speaking
  • network development
  • Agile management,
  • creativity, resilience …

You will also receive information about my programs, online conferences, calendars, promotions or special offers to my partners.

It is also a space for exchange, feel free to share your comments, your questions, your thoughts. Ask yourself this question:

What would I most need me, right now, to get things going in the right direction?

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If you are determined to move forward and take charge of your success, you can count on me to bring you my experience and expertise, either to affirm and develop your professional skills or make a personalized assessment to find a new way most suitable to your situation.

Because being accompanied in transitional periods, it is an opportunity to (re) define ambitious targets and provide the means to achieve them!

also find me on social networks, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, and do not hesitate if you have any questions, please contact me!

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