3 months to succeed in your new role,

new function, new team, new company…

You are an expat, executive, or team manager and you want to give yourself every chance of success 

  • New role and function
  • Larger responsibilities
  • New team, new organization, new company
  • New country with different working style

Do you want to find the right new job coaching program to stay focused in this turbulent context?


Your needs:

  • Get up high amid the daily pressures
  • Optimize your time management to prevent stress and be efficient quickly
  • Define and implement your agenda for the months ahead

  • Implement the right management skills
  • Develop an appropriate communication style with your team and peers
  • Increase your networks and resources

This program includes

⇰ 10 individual online coaching sessions by Skype to adjust step-by-step to your new context and resolve in an operational way the difficulties you face in your new job + 2 Hotline Sessions in case of emergency! (Upcoming major meeting, conflict..)

⇰ Personality tests to know yourself better, understand your reaction and behaviors, talents, values, communication habits…

⇰ Unlimited access to the training website and the exercises, videos, modules you need to:

  • Clarify the expatriation issues you might encounter and overcome the culture shock
  • Check your career, competences, strengths, skills, experiences
  • Optimize organization, time management and priorities
  • Better communicate with your teams and peers

Unlimited e-mails

⇰ 1 session 3 months after the end of the coaching program to assess the outcomes and adjust the action plan

Interested in this program?

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