A 6 month program to develop your agility, your leadership, your legitimacy, and your impact!

You are an executive, senior manager, team manager. After a good start in your career, it’s time for you to take on larger responsibilities, regional or country management, or to become head of a functional or operational unit…

To succeed, you need to develop your leadership skills, to get out of the daily routine to adopt a more strategic vision, build and develop your networks, your influence, and your impact. 

You want to find a midterm leadership development coaching program, global and tailor-made, to allow you to deliver to your full potential, overcome fears, restraints, obstacles, and attitudes of giving up, and mobilize all your resources to be at your best.

Your needs:

  • Develop your leadership, influence, networks 
  • Better organization and time management
  • Achieve a more strategic position
  • Strengthen your management agility
  • Encourage collective thinking, innovation, and creativity in your teams
  • Communicate better and speak with impact
  • Benefit from a personal space to step back in case of a “hard blow”, crisis, conflict, doubts…

Choose a premium coaching program!

  • 360° + tests + private member access to assessments, trainings, videos, exercises
  • VIP online coaching space with monthly sessions of 2 hours each
  • Access to an international network of leading experts

You are a woman and a leader?

This program comes in a version tailored for you!

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This program includes

 8 individual online coaching sessions, 2 hours with your coach per month by Skype, to explore and clarify the parameters of the role and prepare to face the challenges of your environment + 2  Hotline Sessions in case of crisis, conflict, or specific difficulties.

⇰ 360° and/or TMA or PCM full management/communication/talents test to understand your motivations, leadership style and how to best strengthen your talents

⇰ Unlimited access to the training website to choose the modules you need to:

  • Clarify the stakes of international mobility
  • Analyze your leadership style and develop your agility
  • Coach your team to help your collaborators to develop themselves
  • Strengthen your strategic influence
  • Add impact to your public speaking

⇰ Unlimited e-mails 

 2 sessions with leading experts/partners to help you in other aspects of your situation such as personal finance consultant, executive search, hypnotherapist, career consultant to settle back into your original country or to prepare for the next mission.

⇰ 1 session 3 months after the end of the coaching program, to assess the outcomes and adjust the action plan

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