Discovery session

30′ by skype to clarify your situation & learn about the programs


Book your discovery session on days and hours that suits you : 

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During this session, we will clarify together your situation, what you want to achieve, change or develop, and you will be able to asks all the questions you want about the coaching programs.


The discovery session will allow to verify also that :  

  • You are ready to move on with an ambitious development program to develop your potential
  • The program is adapted to your pace and enable you to effectively move forward
  • You feel confident with your coach, who will support you all along the coaching program, respect your choices and help you to find you own solutions aligned on your needs and values.

If no date is convenient, send a message from the Contact page and we’ll find a solution !

I’m a Leadership coach and I work with leaders, executives, managers, expats & partners, men & women all over the world, who want to successfully overcome the high stakes of challenging transitions by improving :

    • leadership & management practices
    • intercultural communication & team collaboration
    • time or stress management
    • public speaking…

Strongly involved in improving Women’s Leadership, I work with executives women to help them overcome their own glass ceiling, specifically when starting a new challenging job. In addition, I work with expat partners women to facilitate adjustment or career change.

My corporate background includes 20 years at managing positions in the tv industry and as the director of the tv department in a production company in Paris for 10 years. (M6 Metropole Television & Les Télécréateurs) 

I hold a Masters degree in Executive management at ESCP-Europe Paris, a certificate in coaching from International Mozaik and I’m a certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF)

As an expat, after 30 years in Paris (France), I worked in Libreville (Gabon) for 3 years, and live now in The Hague (Netherlands).

 certifié ACC ICF

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