12 week program

Midterm review to set new goals, clarify the next steps, and plan your new job/career

You lack motivation, you no longer find meaning in what you do, or you have moved too quickly without setting aside time to reinforce your skills. You want to work differently and to think about the opportunity to change…

In these situations, you may do a career check to step back, to clarify your values, motivation, and options, either for change or development.

International mobility is a perfect time to take stock of your career path and redeploy your talents in a new context.

Is it for you?

Do you want a career that is challenging, exciting, and fulfilling? Do you want to have a clear idea of your strengths, needs, options and set up an action plan to achieve in practice a meaningful professional transition? We will work together to analyze, select, and clarify the next steps!

With this program, you will:

  • Identify your strengths, skills, and experience: their consistency and leverage
  • Reconnect with neglected motivation and talents to give new meaning to your career
  • Find new opportunities and build a personal and professional project aligned with your needs and values 

This program includes

1 – A preliminary questionnaire allows us to frame the areas of work you want to focus on.

2 – You work on the 12 week program step-by-step with member’s access to the modules website:

  • 8 individual online coaching sessions to analyze your insights and access to the tools for your particular context (You can also take the full program independently, using just the Q&A monthly online sessions)
  • Career checkup, competences, talents, difficulties…
  • Personality test to understand how you react and communicate
  • Training modules access allows you to:
    • Understand expatriation challenges
    • Clarify the opportunities in your context
    • Develop your communication skills and learn how to talk about you
    • Improve your time management, develop your networks
  • Exercises and assessment at each step


Some examples of goals for career check and career change for expats:

  • Adjust to the new country (and new personal situation), find a good work–life balance in a new career (when you realize that becoming an expat is a chance to get out of the job you never loved!) 
  • Clarify the opportunities to change careers in the context of a following partner
  • Preparation to find a new job as an executive in an international context (profile – CV – interview preparation)
  • Begin a new art project as a self-employed and recognized artist!
  • Launch her own services while moving back to her home country

+ Workshops for associations including AFCA-MAE / Accueils / Avenir emploi

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